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NetHack 3.3.0 Known Bugs (spoilers)

Spoilers common to all systems

ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
SC1 discarding a tin without eating should not count towards food conduct fixed in 3.3.1 Stay away from tins if you are trying not to eat meat.
SC2 spell hunger effect for wizards of high intelligence was not computed correctly fixed in 3.3.1
SC3 conduct: eating meat{ball,stick,ring,huge chunk} not handled properly fixed in 3.3.1
SC4 invisible monsters using mummy wrappings don't become visible fixed in 3.3.1
SC5 applying weapon or wieldable tool may not end two-weapon combat fixed in 3.3.1
SC6 on sokoban, incorrect messages for giants fixed in 3.3.1
SC7 With Conflict, monsters may attack monsters that have just died. fixed in 3.3.1
SC8 monsters steal gold from other monsters then hang around fixed in 3.3.1
SC9 baby gray dragons are visible to infravision fixed in 3.3.1
SC10 very low or very high CON mishandled fixed in 3.3.1
SC11 throwing or being granted an artifact while wielding two weapons exercises the wrong skill fixed in 3.3.1
SC12 discovered artifacts may show undiscovered object types fixed in 3.3.1
SC13 Eyes of the Overworld does more than it should fixed in 3.3.1
SC14 turning undead doesn't count as calling on a deity (for conduct) fixed in 3.3.1
SC15 iron balls pass through iron bars fixed in 3.3.1
SC16 tainted cockatrice meat doesn't stone fixed in 3.3.1
SC17 polymorph into a monster with a kicking attack - wrong bonus applies fixed in 3.3.1
SC18 You can see dust clouds while blind on the rogue level. fixed in 3.3.1
SC19 Mirrors reflect invisible monsters when not seeing invisible. fixed in 3.3.1
SC20 Wishing for gold doesn't count as a wish for conduct purposes. fixed in 3.3.1
SC21 greasy fingers don't affect secondary weapon in two-weapon mode fixed in 3.3.1
SC22 shopkeepers, priests, and peaceful monsters don't get angry when you cast stinking cloud on them fixed in 3.3.1
SC23 secondary weapon doesn't rust when hitting a rustmonster in twoweapon mode
SC24 throwing a cockatrice corpse barehanded should stone the player fixed in 3.3.1
SC25 Drop items in a shop, decline to sell them, leave, die with bones level. Next player can get items for free. fixed in 3.3.1

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