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NetHack 3.3.1 Known Bugs (spoilers)

Spoilers common to all systems

ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
SC23 secondary weapon doesn't rust when hitting a rustmonster in twoweapon mode fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-1 Looting a bag of tricks inappropriately asks for a direction. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-2 Vault guards self-destruct on exit from corridor if player causes conflict. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-3 eating rotten food doesn't affect vegetarian/vegan conduct fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-4 eating leather items while polymorphed diesn't affect vegetarian/vegan conduct fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-5 cockatrice corpses and bags do not interact properly fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-6 praying on wrong deity's altar ignores uncursed water fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-7 shopkeeper does not charge for use of unpaid camera fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-8 shopkeeper does not charge for items burned by breaking wand of fire fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-9 hallucinating gives away which monsters are saddled fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-10 shopkeeper does not charge when you transmute a potion fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-11 unicorns do not handle non-teleport levels well fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-12 ghoul creation on engraving a headstone not limited fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-13 falling into sink with high CON can raise HP fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-14 shopkeeper doesn't notice theft via grappling hook fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-15 it's possible to get the corpse of a rider fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-16 it's possible to tell glass from gems in a shop fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-17 it's possible to distinguish peaceful and hostile monsters while hallucinating fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-18 attached iron ball may come off if thrown fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-19 Sensed hidden monsters don't fight back when attacked. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-20 exploding gas spores don't wake sleeping creatures fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-21 Resurrection can be used to accumulate body parts. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-22 Crysknives in containers don't revert. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-23 Trapped pets can follow you to another level. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-24 Players polymorphed into monsters that don't leave corpses may still leave corpses. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-25 Vault guards may be seen correctly while hallucinating. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-26 ownership of items the shopkeeper doesn't want is confused if the shopkeeper leaves fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-27 teleport control works when unconscious fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-28 It's possible to get a poisoned arrow from a trap without consequences. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-29 carrots can cure blindness caused by cream pies fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-30 While blindfolded and telepathic, search. Appear to "find" monsters you are already aware of. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-31 Monsters may lose invisibility when polymorphed. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-32 Dismounting cures wounded legs. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-33 / while halluciniting gives the true form of a monster fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-34 ice boxes can be used to abuse troll revival fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-35 player on immediate diagonal from monster reading scroll of earth is not affected fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-36 Hitting with a polearm doesn't count as hitting with a weapon for conduct. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-37 When a mind flayer attacks a sleeping monster, the monster doesn't wake up. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-38 Some unpaid or used objects in a paid container teleported out of a shop are not charged. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-39 With levitation boots there's a one move delay before a portal activates.
SC331-40 Gold in a container saved to a bones file gets counted twice. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-41 Umber hulks can eat boulders in Sokoban. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-42 Using > to end controlled levitation interacts badly with the Heart of Ahriman
SC331-43 taming while engulfed is not limited to the engulfing monster fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-44 Using a grappling hook can land you in water, lava (etc) but player is not affected fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-45 You can untrap a trap you can't reach. fixed in 3.4.0
SC331-46 Stolen containers are too cheap. fixed in 3.4.0

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