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The NetHack DevTeam is happy to announce the release of NetHack 3.6.2.

3.6.2 is a general patch release. It includes a large number of fixes to the 3.6.1 version, beyond the Windows issue fixed at the time of that release.

All of these fixes have been incrementally published on the public Git repository for the game.

The DevTeam had decided that 3.6.1 will be the final "official" 3.6.x version, barring some sort of major issue that requires a new release. Well, there seem to have been enough things happening that we decided to undecide that last decision and re-decide that 3.6.2 would take its place as the final release in this version.

Source for 3.6.x will continue, as always, to be maintained in our Git repositories, however, the team will be focusing on the next major release.

Another 3.6.x release and packaged set of binaries is not anticipated, but given previous experience, could happen depending on the amount of time between now and the next major release.

Here's a synopsis of some of the changes we've made in the last year (approximately) since the release of 3.6.1 in April 2018:

1. Gameplay changes

There fewer gameplay changes in 3.6.2 than in 3.6.0 or 3.6.1, but still over 500 items. Almost all can be considered to be bug fixes as this was not intended as a features release.

Here are a number of the changes - caution - there be potential spoilers here.

General Changes

NetHack Community Patches (or Variations) Included

Curses: The community patch for an optional curses window-port has been adopted. The curses window-port evolved from work originally done by Karl Garrison and has been in use in several NetHack variants and on and for a while.

It is available and tested for 3.6.2 for Windows console with PDCurses layered underneath, and for Mac OSX and Unix (using ncurses as the layer underneath). It may also work for MS-DOS with PDCurses, but that has not been tested.

For a complete, very granular, but not necessarily clear list of the changes incorporated in this release, please take a look at the file doc/fixes36.2 in the source distribution. This file has a full list of all changes to the game.

The text in this file is populated automatically for the development team's own use and is provided "as is", so please do not ask us to further explain the entries in that file.

Again, a warning that some entries may also be "spoilers", particularly in the "new features" sections, so read at your own risk.

2. Deprecations announced post NetHack 3.6.2

3.6.2 is essentially a maintenance release and as such doesn't change much in terms of what is or is not supported. However, there will be some significant changes to support in the next major release.

The following ports will be dropped from the next major release unless someone comes forward to maintain them. We have had some interest in at least one of these and would seriously consider help in any of them should someone come forward with a viable offer for support:

Starting with the next major release, we will be dropping support for most K&R and pre-ANSI C features, including: Starting with the next major release, we will start using ANSI C features. Which ones have yet to be determined.

If you are actively running NetHack on a system that cannot handle full ANSI C, please let us know some details and we _might_ be able to accommodate you.

3. Save File Portability:

Save files should be portable from version 3.6.1 to 3.6.2.

As with all releases of the game, we appreciate your feedback. Please submit any bugs using the problem report form.

Also, please check the "known bugs" list.

before you log a problem - somebody else may have already found it, after all.

Happy NetHacking!

For the DevTeam...

Mike Stephenson

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