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Information for NetHack Developers

(What other information should we include here? Let us know through our Contact Page.)

List of Registered Project Prefixes

NetHack encourages projects based on our source to register a prefix for use in the source control system. See the list of registered prefixes.

Deprecation Notices

NetHack git Bootstrap

These instructions are meant to get you far enough to get access to the full development documentation in the source repository.

  1. Check your git version (if you don't have git, skip this step):
      git --version
    If you don't have at least 1.9 or 2.2 you should consider upgrading. 1.7 and 1.8 are known NOT to work with these instructions.

  2. Install git.
    If you don't have git, or you need a newer version, check the official git site.

  3. Where will the source go?
    Change directories to a directory where the directory tree "NetHack" can be created in the next step. It does not have to be an empty directory, but it is recommended. If you are working on a shared machine or on a shared disk, you may want to lock down the permissions on this directory.

  4. Get the NetHack source tree.
    We currently maintain official public, read-only source mirrors on 2 different sites. Both are updated frequently and should have the same contents. Use any one of the following URLs to fetch the source tree:
  5. If you are working with others, get your project's private documentation (if any). If you are working alone, try this instead:
       chdir NetHack
       git config nethack.substprefix MINE
       git config nethack.projectname NetHack

  6. How we use branches.
    The default branch will have a name like "NetHack-3.6" - this is a branch that starts with the "NetHack-3.6" release and has a HEAD that includes bug fixes to that release. Over time, the HEAD will move forward as more bugs are fixed. A new branch will be created for the next release.

  7. Continue with the file DEVEL/Developer.txt in NetHack.

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