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NetHack 3.3.0 Known Bugs

Bugs common to all systems

ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
C1 using 'C' to name a steed produces a "pony tail" and a crash fixed in 3.3.1 Dismount before naming a steed.
C2 spellbooks that are "too much to comprehend" act oddly on game restore fixed in 3.3.1
C3 score recorded as "killed by the [master] mind flayer" fixed in 3.3.1
C4 traps display incorrectly after hallucination ends fixed in 3.3.1
C5 don't select gems--aside from rocks and known glass or flint--via autoquiverfixed in 3.3.1
C6 applying weapon or wieldable tool gives spurious two-weapon messages fixed in 3.3.1
C7 W lets you wear odd items (which you may not be able to take off) fixed in 3.3.1 A may allow you to remove such items.
C8 put some of a group of items from quiver or secondary weapon slot to container - things get wierd fixed in 3.3.1 move items in and out of quiver in full sets
C9 W may give an inappropriate list of things to wear fixed in 3.3.1
C10 crash on restore if riding or stuck when game saved fixed in 3.3.1 dismount/get unstuck before saving game
C11 I (invisible monster) characters left showing when there is no monster there This is not a bug. Just because you can see there is no monster there, it doesn't mean you can see that an invisible monster has left.
C12 dying while hallucinating and mounting a steed is reported incorrectly fixed in 3.3.1
C13 potion or wand of invisibility should not print message if already invisible even if you can see invisible fixed in 3.3.1
C14 polymorphing into current form not handled properly fixed in 3.3.1
C15 reviving tame monsters are tame but not peaceful fixed in 3.3.1
C16 Genociding T while there are T corpses causes a crash fixed in 3.3.1
C17 setting perm_invent for tty mode (which is NOT supported) crashes on i fixed in 3.3.1 Don't set perm_invent for window systems that don't support it.
C18 when wielding two weapons, ) only shows one fixed in 3.3.1
C19 artifacts inside bags don't get scored properly fixed in 3.3.1
C20 score files from 3.2.x may report the wrong location of death under 3.3
C21 message when killed by a gas spore is incorrect fixed in 3.3.1
C22 default dogname can end up on a cat fixed in 3.3.1
C23 #chat with succubus (etc) which teleports - leaves I behind fixed in 3.3.1
C24 probe at I with no monster there - I remains fixed in 3.3.1
C25 pets get killed by gas spores too often fixed in 3.3.1
C26 stinking cloud too close to edge causes crash fixed in 3.3.1
C27 kicked monster moving out of view leaves I fixed in 3.3.1
C28 black pudding attacks confuse type of armor fixed in 3.3.1
C29 crash when unseen monster engulfs items fixed in 3.3.1
C30 object shattered by wand uses singular verb when it shouldn't fixed in 3.3.1
C31 initial inventory can contain spellbooks for restricted skills fixed in 3.3.1
C32 nymphs can steal saddle while you are riding - and you keep riding fixed in 3.3.1
C33 monster killing other monster with acid credited to player fixed in 3.3.1
C34 wield two weapons - one gets stolen, game thinks you still have both fixed in 3.3.1
C35 rock mole can eat the prize for the Sokoban levels fixed in 3.3.1
C36 When polymorphed from weak race to strong monster, gain ability malfunctions fixed in 3.3.1
C37 stone-to-flesh gives odd messages on some special levels when cast up or down fixed in 3.3.1
C38 probing self (or using a stethoscope) doesn't show sliming fixed in 3.3.1
C39 there is no way to remove a saddle from a steed fixed in 3.3.1
C40 converting secondary weapon into artifact fails to stop two-weapon mode fixed in 3.3.1
C41 one of the Sokoban levels can't be solved without "creative nethacking" fixed in 3.3.1 Be creative.
C42 polymorphing an object via #dip in a shop may anger the shopkeeper when it shouldn't fixed in 3.3.1
C43 eating amulet of restful sleep behaves oddly fixed in 3.3.1
C44 being hit by potion of sleep doesn't work fixed in 3.3.1
C45 detect unseen doesn't show "I" properly fixed in 3.3.1
C46 secret door detection doesn't show "I" properly fixed in 3.3.1
C47 javelin skill progress broken fixed in 3.3.1
C48 #dip weapon in oil doesn't work right fixed in 3.3.1
C49 riding a centaur doesn't work fixed in 3.3.1
C50 blessed detect monster runs for wrong length of time fixed in 3.3.1
C51 magic mapping while engulfed leaves display junk fixed in 3.3.1
C53 Drain a troll to 0hp with (eg) Stormbringer. Game crashes when T revives. fixed in 3.3.1
C55 Stinking cloud goes off - and things die twice. fixed in 3.3.1
C56 Player movement rates are broken - encumbrance doesn't use up turns. fixed in 3.3.1
C57 Player can die from lava while praying successfully. fixed in 3.3.1
C58 If blind, final score doesn't display gems correctly. fixed in 3.3.1
C59 Knight can only do "L" jump with jump spell. Non-knight can't jump at all. fixed in 3.3.1
C60 animating statue of pet gives a wild animal fixed in 3.3.1
C61 Sting & Orcrist should get bonus against orcs fixed in 3.3.1
C62 monsters seen by infrared can be seen after you walk around a corner fixed in 3.3.1
C63 breaking create monster wands can put monster in rock fixed in 3.3.1
C64 Why do I get "What wierd role is this? (E)" fixed in 3.3.1 Ignore it - it's complaining about record file entries for Elves from previous versions of NetHack.
C65 "reading" a blank scroll/spellbook shouldn't spoil "illiterate" conduct fixed in 3.3.1
C66 typo in message for destroying a drawbridge with a monster on it while you are confused fixed in 3.3.1
C67 chaotic sacrificing on a chaotic alter may crash if deamon creation fails fixed in 3.3.1
C68 casting fireball while engulfed or near map edge may cause a crash fixed in 3.3.1
C69 monk kicking a shade without blessed boots kills game fixed in 3.3.1
C70 If low on hp and (e.g.) wearing amulet of unchanging, warning messages are missing fixed in 3.3.1
C72 level teleport high in the air while lifesaved results in game confusion fixed in 3.3.1
C73 after failing to stone a monster due to (his) lifesaving, next monster gets stoned fixed in 3.3.1
C74 Standing on stairway down when mail daemon or vault guard shows up. Go down. Crash. fixed in 3.3.1 Wait until monsters move at least once before changing levels if mail daemon or vault guard has just disappeared.
C75 monsters seem to take no time to change armor when you can't see them fixed in 3.3.1
C76 Lay an egg. Wield it. When it hatches, the game will crash. fixed in 3.3.1
C77 Wooden harps shouldn't be magic. fixed in 3.3.1
C78 Messages about damage to non-metal helmets always refer to leather. fixed in 3.3.1
C79 monsters can transport on levels where transport is disallowed fixed in 3.3.1
C80 stone-to-flesh on a stone golem creates a flesh golem - even if they have been genocided fixed in 3.3.1
C81 mistreating a pet angel can cause a crash fixed in 3.3.1
C82 closing a door on an invisible monster reveals the I fixed in 3.3.1
C83 stethoscope or wand of probing aimed at self says "very fast" when just "fast" fixed in 3.3.1
C84 gold detection doesn't detect gold golems fixed in 3.3.1
C85 silver bell looks gold (tile systems only) fixed in 3.3.1
C86 hero can hear while asleep fixed in 3.3.1
C87 combat message may refer to wrong combatant's helmet fixed in 3.3.1
C88 If the hero kills himself and a shopkeeper with the same explosion, the shopkeeper gets the hero's possessions. fixed in 3.3.1
C89 some inventory changes don't show up immediately with perm_invent set fixed in 3.3.1
C90 multiple gas spores exploding at the same time can cause a crash fixed in 3.3.1
C91 praying with very few hit points can cause repeated "You feel much better" messages. fixed in 3.3.1
C92 Crash may occur when a neutral wizard who knows finger of death but isn't carrying the spellbook is crowned. fixed in 3.3.1 unwield weapon before praying or carry a FOD spellbook
C93 pythons should have infravision fixed in 3.3.1
C94 similar greased and non-greased items will merge fixed in 3.3.1
C95 monster reading scrol of earth may get an extra attack fixed in 3.3.1
C96 thrown weapons fire one at a time regardless of skill fixed in 3.3.1
C97 don't use "lungs" when referring to creatures that don't have any fixed in 3.3.1
C98 monk characters kick like monsters instead of humans fixed in 3.3.1
C99 kicking a shade when polymorphed can cause crash fixed in 3.3.1
C100 some of the articles in message on the Sokoban level are wrong fixed in 3.3.1
C101 online help (dat/opthelp) default for dungeon is out of date fixed in 3.3.1
C102 Being engulfed while riding may result in bogus tail-like things. fixed in 3.3.1
C103 Engravings may refer to fortune cookies. fixed in 3.3.1
C104 saddle on knight's initial horse should be known fixed in 3.3.1
C105 breaking a wielded wand doesn't leave it wielded fixed in 3.3.1
C106 if a nymph hits a monster then teleports away, she still gets a second attack fixed in 3.3.1
C107 attempt (and fail) to polymorph into genocided dragon while wearing its scales - get redundent messages fixed in 3.3.1
C108 polymorphing while a were-beast makes you human fixed in 3.3.1
C109 luck broken for certain times fixed in 3.3.1

PC-only bugs

ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
P1 informative messages stop showing up after hitting ESC key fixed in 3.3.1 Try taking inventory (i command).

Linux-only bugs

ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
L1 MAILPATH is wrong fixed in 3.3.1
L2 colors are wrong on some terminals fixed in 3.3.1
L3 display is wierd on the Rogue level fixed in 3.3.1

Build-from-source issues (all platforms)

ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
S1 Qt: remove intermediate files on 'make spotless' fixed in 3.3.1 on failed build, remove *.moc before restarting
S2 level files not removed properly for real mode overlay with MFLOPPY fixed in 3.3.1 If building real mode with overlays, don't use MFLOPPY.
S3 DEC Unix: fix MAILPATH, lex function types, curses conflicts fixed in 3.3.1
S4 lev_comp doesn't notice when it can't write successfully fixed in 3.3.1
S5 OS/2: region.c not compiled; sokoban levels not compiled fixed in 3.3.1

NT-only bugs

ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
N1 Start game on console >80x25. Save. Restore on 80x25 console. Boom. fixed in 3.3.1 Restore on same size console as game was started on.

Macintosh-only bugs

ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
M1 "Can't create record file" fixed in 3.3.1 Create text file "record" in the same folder as the executable
M2 Colors change when window moved to bottom right. fixed in 3.3.1
M3 Random crashes on 68K Possible workaround: don't use optimizer when compiling.
M4 Using tty mode crashes or hangs. Need more user reports.
M5 Errors in "NetHack Defaults" file cause crash. fixed in 3.3.1 Edit file by hand to remove bad options.
M6 Window placement not remembered in tty mode. fixed in 3.3.1 Start game in mac mode, move window, quit.
M9 Hunger status may not be updated correctly fixed in 3.3.1 Command-R
M10 Initial quest message truncated fixed in 3.3.1
M11 duplicate lines appear in some descriptions (e.g. grid bug) fixed in 3.3.1

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