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Core Bugs (common to all systems)
Windows-only bugs
tty-only bugs
Build-from-source issues (all platforms)
Spoiler bugs
(These are bugs that merely reading about may spoil your enjoyment of the game or give away answers to puzzles that should be solved. They are on a different page to keep you from seeing them by accident in the main lists.)

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Bugs lists for previous versions

Core Bugs (common to all systems)

ID Status Description Additional Info
C343-21 Open Pets can be pulled through closed doors with a leash.
C343-38 Open Dismounting or kicking a monster that jumps may result in landing on the wrong side of a wall.
C343-370 Open Travel (_) command can get stuck trying to plot a path past an interesting dungeon feature, for example, a trap or fountain.
C361-5 Help When getting disconnected from a game running via telnet or ssh, the game may go into an infinite loop instead of aborting.
C362-4 fixed A location with at least two boulders and another object may show the other object instead of a boulder when one boulder is removed.
C362-5 fixed For the "curses" window port, very tall menus use reserved characters.
C362-6 fixed Using / or ; may produce a sentence with no period at the end.
C362-7 fixed Glob pricing does not handle weight properly.
C362-8 fixed For the "curses" window port, autodescribe feedback may overwrite the last display line.
C362-9 fixed On the Plane of Water, hero's steed may drown when it should not.
C362-10 fixed The interaction of hero and xan flight is wrong.
C362-11 fixed For the "curses" window port, if the windows get reconfigured for any reason, the message window shows old messages.
C362-12 fixed Swapping places with pet when a boulder is involved does not account for size properly.
C362-13 fixed The database entry for vortex is misleading.
C362-14 fixed For the "curses" window port, there is a memory leak when using the escape key to cancel input.
C362-15 fixed For the "curses" window port, following a line of input, the next line in the message window could be skipped.
C362-16 fixed Cockatrice corpse may cause a memory leak.
C362-17 fixed For the "curses" window port, characters which are both commands and selectors act like selectors, so you can't issue the command.
C362-18 fixed & command mis-handles movement commands.
C362-19 fixed Dying after turning into green slime can give odd message sequences.
C362-20 fixed The permanent inventory window may delay certain updates.
C362-21 fixed On the Plane of Water, monsters that fly, float, or cling do not behave properly.
C362-22 fixed Message sequence for monster wielding cursed weapon doesn't mention it becoming welded to its hand (or whatever).
C362-23 fixed Curses interface: the return or enter key isn't always handled correctly.
C362-24 fixed Curses interface+EDIT_GETLIN: ESC clears the internal buffer but not the display.
C362-25 fixed Monster playing a fire horn may give inappropriate wand messages.
C362-26 fixed The hero may here demons while deaf.
C362-27 fixed Eating a partially eaten food ration with exactly one bite left skips may not show the correct messages.
C362-28 fixed Saving the game while both punished and engulfed can result in a corrupt save file.
C362-29 fixed Saving bones with perm_invent on may result in "Bad fruit #N" warnings.
C362-30 fixed Curses interface+perm_invent: there are multiple display issues.
C362-31 fixed If sortpack is changed, the persistent inventory window is not updated.
C362-32 fixed Curses interface: ':' matching on a long menu may highlight the wrong items.
C362-33 fixed Curses interface: when scrolling, the position bars may be incorrect.
C362-34 fixed Engulfed hero can pick up items worn by the engulfer; this may corrupt the game state.
C362-35 fixed Curses interface: ^H does not work.
C362-36 fixed Detection doesn't find all the monsters it should.
C362-37 fixed Farlook may miss that some monsters are trapped.
C362-38 fixed Theft when polymorphed into a nymph angers the victim.
C362-39 fixed Theft when polymorphed into a nymph may include gold.
C362-40 fixed Crowned hero not getting Stormbringer gets incorrect description.
C362-41 fixed Monster shooting multi-shot weapon checks ammunition against hero's weapon.
C362-42 fixed Teleporting a boulder may not update the screen properly.
C362-43 fixed dopickup() has a parenthesis in the wrong place.
C362-44 fixed Stoning a shape-shifted sandestin does not work properly.
C362-45 fixed Restoring, with perm_invent set, a game where the hero is swallowed, results in a crash.
C362-46 fixed Spellcasting monster that aims at the wrong place due to invisible hero gives bad feedback.
C362-47 fixed Rubbing a ring does not work properly in all cases.
C362-48 fixed Zapping certain wands while trapped may produce a message with a missing "the".
C362-49 fixed Zapping certain wands while trapped may not update which locations are visible on the map.
C362-50 fixed "stupefied" is mis-spelled.
C362-51 fixed The game may panic if an engulfer is killed by an aklys.
C362-52 fixed The game may crash if a helm of opposite alignment comes off due to polymorph.
C362-53 fixed Pet or monster names that end in 's' may produce messages with an incorrect verb form.
C362-54 fixed Life saving from drowning while punished may produce a warning.
C362-55 fixed Polymorph with boots on that drops hero into water may cause a panic.
C362-56 fixed Shift-direction running does not stop at engravings.
C362-57 fixed Unix: sysconf CHECK_PLNAME=1 fails if the game cannot get the Unix username even if it is not needed.
C362-58 fixed Unix+curses: Startup error or abort does not reset the terminal.
C362-59 fixed The vault guard may not be able to relocate, resulting in an impossible message.
C362-60 fixed Land mines, statues, and hiding do not interact appropriately.
C362-61 fixed Pits and traps may interact poorly.
C362-62 fixed Monster triggering a land mine may crash.
C362-63 fixed Curses: DECgraphics does not work with this interface.
C362-64 fixed Curses: use_inverse is not implemented.
C362-65 fixed A rumor misspells the plural of Nazgul.
C362-66 fixed Yellow dragons have green breath.
C362-67 fixed The cost of partly eaten food in a bones level shop behaves oddly.
C362-68 fixed Count of objects in a container dropped in a shop may be inaccurate.
C362-69 fixed Singular versus plural error when dropping a container with one item in some shops.
C362-70 fixed Poor grammar: message may start "That walking shoes".
C362-71 fixed Assigning a new name for fruit affects mimic immitating a slime mold.
C362-72 fixed Parsing the score option sometimes fails broken.
C362-73 fixed Guardian angel initially displays incorrectly with hilite_pet on.
C362-74 fixed Monsters that can pass through walls can swap places with those that can not, even through a wall.
C362-75 fixed Pet polymorphed into a long worm stays leashed.
C362-76 fixed Music is not always handled reasonably when deaf.
C362-77 fixed Dipping while blind may give too much information.
C362-78 fixed Spelling error: "butterfiles" instead of "butterflies".
C362-79 fixed Putting on gloves while hero's hands are slippery results in slippery gloves.
C362-80 fixed Monster on monster attacks don't handle shades or silver weapon feedback.
C362-81 fixed Alchemy results are known even when blind.
C362-82 fixed Dipping into oil while blind may give an inappropriate message.
C362-83 fixed Dipping allows naming even in description was unknown due to blindness.
C362-84 fixed Dipping lichen corpse may not allow naming when it should.
C362-85 fixed Plural of words that end with a 'k' sound are often wrong.
C362-86 fixed Monster's decision to enter a gas cloud should not depend on the hero's position.
C362-87 fixed Slash beginning an hallucinatory monster name is not handled properly.
C362-88 fixed Map is updated too late when player is asked what to call potion of see invisible.
C362-89 fixed Riders should not swap places to end up at a closed door location.
C362-90 fixed Game may crash putting on levitation boots while on sink.
C362-91 fixed Mimics mimicking an altar gets an arbitrary (and often inappropriate) alignment.
C362-92 fixed Clairvoyance may not show all information it should.
(related spoiler bugs)

Windows-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
W362-1 fixed Some startup problems do not produce an error message.

tty-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
T362-1 fixed Very long message from autodescribe that wraps onto a second line causes display errors.

Build-from-source issues (all platforms)

ID Status Description Additional Info
S362-1 fixed NOSAVEONHANGUP+INSURANCE fails to build.

Bug Status Key

OpenThe bug is unresolved, but we know what we need to about it.
Not a bugSometimes people think this is a bug, but they're wrong.
fixedThe bug will be fixed in the next release..
FixedThe bug will be fixed in a future release.
HelpWe don't know what is causing this - if you see it, please send a detailed bug report. Thanks!
SupersededSee another entry for information on this bug.

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