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NetHack 3.3.1 Known Bugs

Bugs lists for previous versions

Bugs common to all systems

ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
C331-1 D[a produces odd message sequence in (c)ombination mode fixed in 3.4.0 set the menustyle option to (t)raditional, (p)artial, or (f)ull
C331-2 "Shall I pick a character for you?" may appear even if the character info is specified at startup for Knights. fixed in 3.4.0 Specify all or none of alignment, race, and gender for Knights.
C331-3 Where did Valkyrie go when choosing a role? Not a bug 3.3.1 resticts the choices it offers you to fit the choices you've already made. Remove OPTIONS=gender:male from the config file if you want to play a Valkyrie.
C331-4 Excalibur blasts lawful characters except Knights fixed in 3.4.0
C331-5 When falling into a moat while heavily loaded the quiver and the alternate weapon are not handled correctly. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-6 stone-to-flesh on a boulder causes a crash fixed in 3.4.0
C331-7 restoring a game produces "Placing steed onto map?" fixed in 3.4.0 ignore - harmless
C331-8 pits and webs can affect the rider without affecting the steed fixed in 3.4.0
C331-9 dismounting next to (and falling into) a pit you get the message twice fixed in 3.4.0
C331-10 fumbling when riding causes *you* to trip and fall fixed in 3.4.0
C331-11 Message "How pitiful." appears inappropriately. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-12 Character killed by eating a poisonous first meal listed as "strict vegan." fixed in 3.4.0
C331-13 amulet of change malfunctions when polymorphed into succubus/incubus fixed in 3.4.0
C331-14 entering a non-numeric amount to bribe results in a random amount fixed in 3.4.0 always enter a valid number
C331-15 in some cases being restricted in a skill is worse than being unskilled fixed in 3.4.0
C331-16 When trying to shatter a monster's weapon, the wrong resistance check is done. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-17 When a steed dies in a shop, you get charged for the saddle. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-18 "Slimed" on status bar cleared too slowly after "Burned away" message. fixed in 3.4.0 wait for screen to refresh, or force refresh with ^R
C331-19 Displace pet onto polymorph trap. Message uses new form instead of old. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-20 bogus message "You drop the Wizard of Yendor's corpse into Wizard of Yendor's interior" fixed in 3.4.0
C331-21 Player killed by ghoul turns into one in bones file fixed in 3.4.0
C331-22 Slings are not suppsed to be made of wood - should be leather. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-23 Messages about levels looking familiar are wrong after a mindflayer causes player to forget what levels look like. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-24 wumpus interaction with pits on Sokoban level is wrong fixed in 3.4.0
C331-25 When polymorphed into an herbivorous monster, you should prefer vegan "corpses" fixed in 3.4.0
C331-26 When plomorphed into a hider, stop hiding when there's nothing left on a space to hide behind fixed in 3.4.0
C331-27 throwing a wielded, returning weapon should not disable two-weapon mode fixed in 3.4.0
C331-28 monsters should not wield cockatrice corpses without gloves on fixed in 3.4.0
C331-29 Inappropriate message when praying character with telepathy is attacked. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-30 Wielding some weapons (usually Stormbringer) in two-weapon mode can give a "program in disorder" warning. fixed in 3.4.0 avoid 2-weapon mode
C331-31 missing a cockatrice when polymorphed into a weapon-using monster but fighting hand-to-hand stones the player fixed in 3.4.0
C331-32 falling into a sink doesn't cause player to touch wielded cockatrice corpse fixed in 3.4.0
C331-33 stinking cloud can cause crash fixed in 3.4.0 don't cast stinking cloud near a staircase
C331-34 messages about monster using weapon against another monster displayed inappropriately fixed in 3.4.0
C331-35 Eye of Aethiopica counted twice in final score fixed in 3.4.0
C331-36 Inappropriate message when shopkeeper takes payment after killing adjacent character if character has sufficient money to pay. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-37 when polymorphed into a centaur, don't keep kicking monsters after they die fixed in 3.4.0
C331-38 Inappropriate usage of "it" when throwing at a monster seen with infravision fixed in 3.4.0
C331-39 #sit while water walking over a submerged object should sit on the water's surface and not on the unreachable object fixed in 3.4.0
C331-40 "The invisible Jon the Kokushu hits!" - too many "the"s fixed in 3.4.0
C331-41 Guidebook description of Platinum Yendorian Express Card says it reduces physical damage; it should refer to spell damage. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-42 trap detection misses most trapped doors fixed in 3.4.0
C331-43 After choking and vomiting, you get useless message about being done eating. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-44 Monsters should not eat green slime as a cure for stoning. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-45 lighting of arboreal levels should not be stopped by trees fixed in 3.4.0
C331-46 Messages after a monster blinds the player may use specifics instead of "it". fixed in 3.4.0
C331-47 monsters shouldn't be able to see through walls because player wears Eyes of the Overworld fixed in 3.4.0
C331-48 nymphs can steal fainting player's armor without waking the player fixed in 3.4.0
C331-49 status line may not update after run command if run stopped by interesting dungeon feature fixed in 3.4.0
C331-50 doors to shops do not get repaired when a hole is zapped in the doorway fixed in 3.4.0
C331-51 Crash occurs when sleeping steeds attempt to climb stairs/ladders. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-52 hilite_pet uses color even if color is off fixed in 3.4.0
C331-53 grammar error when dipping in more than one potion fixed in 3.4.0
C331-54 blank scrolls should not fade when hitting rust monsters fixed in 3.4.0
C331-55 eating or #offering food you can't get to shouldn't be allowed fixed in 3.4.0
C331-56 If frozen by a gelatinous cube while eating, messages about eating may be confusing. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-57 Odd message results when several weapons slip from your hands at the same time. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-58 Rangers may arrive on the wrong part of a quest level. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-59 While praying, a rock mole eats the ball; when the prayer is granted the game crashes. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-60 Missle that misses a concealed mimic names it but leaves it concealed. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-61 Helm of Telepathy gives unnecessary "Wait! There's something there!" message. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-62 one line selection menus don't get erased all the time fixed in 3.4.0
C331-63 praying and failing to get help leaves you agnostic fixed in 3.4.0
C331-64 after being drained by a mind flayer, get messages like "the sliver bell" fixed in 3.4.0
C331-65 after polymorph, told both weapons are dropped but one isn't fixed in 3.4.0
C331-66 -p and -r don't work with -s fixed in 3.4.0
C331-67 list of discoveries lists "Book of the Dead" as "spellbook of Book of the Dead" fixed in 3.4.0
C331-68 very long "killed by" messages may be truncated fixed in 3.4.0
C331-69 Selection of seduction messages isn't quite right. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-70 You can still hear your dog after it's been displaced onto a level teleport trap. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-71 Save/Restore fails after genociding @. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-72 Throwing a weapon while in two-weapon mode uses the wrong skill. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-73 looking up trapdoor gives the info for door instead fixed in 3.4.0
C331-74 Genocide self. The record entry should start with "killed by". fixed in 3.4.0
C331-75 While playing a Monk, throw the artifact to the quest leader - get "Program in disorder" message. fixed in 3.4.0 Don't throw the artifact to the quest leader.
C331-76 Shouldn't print gas spore's name if you can't see it explode. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-77 Sensing monsters (e.g. blessed potion of monster detection) interferes with hilite_pet. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-78 If armor the hero is donning is stolen, attributes can be misadjusted. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-79 Fleeing monsters sometimes do so without telling you. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-80 Monster holding you may flee without telling you that you have been released. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-81 Sometimes monsters may claim to flee but not actually do so. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-82 Do trap detection: find a moat. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-83 Ecucalyptus trees never get generated. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-84 gaining levitation over a sink doesn't cause a fall fixed in 3.4.0
C331-85 quest leader may leave quest start level voluntarily fixed in 3.4.0
C331-86 dipping attached iron ball or embedded dragon scales into potion of polymorph gets the game confused fixed in 3.4.0
C331-87 Drinking from a fountain in town is bad, but damaging the town isn't. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-88 Sometimes permanent inventory window doesn't update immediately. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-89 martial attacks can free monsters from pits fixed in 3.4.0
C331-90 shopkeeper polymorphed into limbless form still "leaps" and "grabs" fixed in 3.4.0
C331-91 Going downstairs while riding and punished causes panic. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-92 Bones file creation can cause spurious "placing steed on map" warning. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-93 While blindfolded and telepathic, search. Appear to "find" monsters you are already aware of. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-94 Wishing for statue (or figurine or corpse) of long worm tail gives a partially functioning object. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-95 Animating a wish-created shopkeeper statue gives a partially functioning object. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-96 Yeenoghu's confusion attack should not be a touch of death fixed in 3.4.0
C331-97 an eating steed should not be able to go up or down stairs, etc. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-98 Blind. Eat unidentified cursed tin of spinach. Find out it's green. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-99 You can "feel great" while turning to slime or having lycanthropy. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-100 When a seducing monster attacks another monster, the "smiles" message is printed twice. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-101 Polymorph into an erinys, wield no weapon, hit _lots_ of monsters. Panic. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-102 Boulders (and other large things) can be thrown through iron bars. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-103 Praying can often result in a spellbook the player can't use. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-104 message from rust trap refers to cloak, even when it's a robe. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-105 If polymorphed and caught in gas spore explosion, human hit points still affected. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-106 Attack a land based creature from the water. If the creature moves and you try to attack where it was, you get "you attack empty water." fixed in 3.4.0
C331-107 Remove amulet of magic breathing while in water, may get spurious message. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-108 While wielding two (or more) cursed, mergeable weapons, if a monster attacks with a bullwhip, you get "They is welded to your hands!" fixed in 3.4.0
C331-109 Camera flash stops at invisible monster fixed in 3.4.0
C331-110 monsters inside a stinking cloud should be blinded, just like the hero is fixed in 3.4.0
C331-111 vault guard starts conversation with you even if you are hidden fixed in 3.4.0
C331-112 Adult wolves are not small, but lynxes are. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-113 Saving deep in a game can cause an error message to appear; displaying that error can cause the game to crash. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-114 Put a boulder in a shop. From outside, throw pick-axe or mattock at the boulder. Game crashes. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-115 Fumbling a pick-axe while riding gives a misleading message. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-116 Self-genocide while sitting on a throne should not refer to scroll of genocide. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-117 Eating dogfood or fixing a squeaky board conveys experience but doesn't check for gaining a new level. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-118 Demon bribes are 4x larger than they should be for co-aligned players. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-119 Objects that fall from a monster's inventory when monster is polymorphed disappear. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-120 Quaffing a potion of gain ability while wearing ring of sustain ability displays no message and identifies the potion fixed in 3.4.0
C331-121 Player should stop waiting when a monster uses a polearm from a distance. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-122 When zapping ice with stone-to-flesh, should not treat ice as stone. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-123 When polymorphed into a silent creature, should not "pronounce" scroll formula. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-124 The hilite on a pet may not turn off immediately when the pet stops being tame. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-125 Missing wildly with (e.g.) Vorpal Blade counts as a hit for conduct. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-126 Pets eating just out of sight give inappropriate message. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-127 shapechangers restored from disk no longer change shape fixed in 3.4.0
C331-128 water elementals can burn fixed in 3.4.0
C331-129 seeing an obviously trapped monster should disclose the trap fixed in 3.4.0
C331-130 asking for information on "dwarf zombie" or "dwarf mummy" should not show the dwarf entry fixed in 3.4.0
C331-131 sometimes you skip the first message from the quest nemesis fixed in 3.4.0
C331-132 spider webs should be affected by nearby flames fixed in 3.4.0
C331-133 Lighting an unpaid potion of oil gives a confusing message. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-134 When finding a physically trapped, visible monster, you don't see the trap. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-135 Throwing/dropping cockatrice corpse while swallowed doesn't work as expected. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-136 Steeds often don't respond when attacked. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-137 Breaking an unpaid wand is not charged for correctly. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-138 In "combo" menu mode, cancelled A command gives a strange message. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-139 Stormbringer in two-weapon mode can cause too many attacks. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-140 After stepping in a polymorph trap, a monster may end up with the wrong items. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-141 Booby-trapped doors make you stagger - even if you are riding. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-142 Sometimes you die during polymorph - even if you shouldn't. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-143 Steeds don't have feet (they generally have hooves), but that's what gets caught in a bear trap. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-144 While polymorphed into a small monster and riding you still escape bear traps. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-145 You get a "held" message instead of a "swallowed" message when engulfed and climbing stairs. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-146 If your inventory is full and you are eating in a shop, the shopkeeper may try to buy what you are eating. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-147 Weight of a merged pet food item not updated correctly when eaten. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-148 Tame monsters holding you due to conflict do not release you when conflict ends. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-149 engraving Elbereth doesn't show wisdom; engraving anything else does fixed in 3.4.0
C331-150 Monkeys can steal cursed worn items. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-151 some messages refer to mummy wrappings as cloaks fixed in 3.4.0
C331-152 monsters with gaze attacks should not try to blind the hero with potions fixed in 3.4.0
C331-153 If blind, the throne doesn't disappear when message says it is gone fixed in 3.4.0
C331-154 When a monster uses up a a partially eaten food item, cleanup was not performed. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-155 Temple preists can be created with two robes. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-156 Mis-engraving "X" or "x" violates illiterate conduct fixed in 3.4.0
C331-157 ^X command not listed in ?a and ?b help fixed in 3.4.0
C331-158 Wizard mode command wmode doesn't show player location fixed in 3.4.0
C331-159 player polymorphed into monster that loses hp out of water should lose hp too fixed in 3.4.0
C331-160 leashed monsters saved in bones files may come back still leashed fixed in 3.4.0
C331-161 eating a ring of levitation doesn't work quite right fixed in 3.4.0
C331-162 silver-hating monster shouldn't take and keep silver weapons with a bullwhip fixed in 3.4.0
C331-163 Destroying one of several boulders in one place unblocks vision fixed in 3.4.0
C331-164 Stairs may be hidden by spider webs. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-165 If alignment is low, messages in co-aligned temples may be misleading. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-166 rediscovering forgotten object types behaves differently depending upon whether or not the playter had assigned names at the time of amnesia fixed in 3.4.0
C331-167 Putting partly eaten food into a sack can change its weight. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-168 Breathing a potion of water abuses constitution. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-169 Monster with cursed and non-cursed weapon forgets wielded weapon is cursed. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-170 offering & tinning corpses on altars fails while riding fixed in 3.4.0
C331-171 after eating a fortune cookie, you can faint and read the message while unconscious fixed in 3.4.0
C331-172 vortex interaction with pits on Sokoban level is wrong fixed in 3.4.0
C331-173 "The gold pieces hits it" is poor grammar. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-174 accidentaly dropping quivered or secondary weapon can cause crash fixed in 3.4.0
C331-175 while standing on a scroll of scare monster, waiting is not interrupted by gaze attack fixed in 3.4.0
C331-176 pets get stuck trying to go after food that they can't reach fixed in 3.4.0
C331-177 monsters and objects usually seem to be immune to damage from lava fixed in 3.4.0
C331-178 If you get interrupted while reading a spellbook, change levels (or the book gets destroyed), and then try another spellbook, the game can get confused. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-179 Spells cast by very wimpy monsters can do negative damage. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-180 A tin eaten in a shop while hungry costs the wrong amount. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-181 Wand of secret door detection may be identified even if it doesn't find anything. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-182 Polymorph into a demon. Summon help. If no help is available, the game will panic. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-183 If you float down on a trap after it's got you, you get stuck too long. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-184 applying whip toward hidden mimic displays mimic name before "Wait!" messagefixed in 3.4.0
C331-185 Warning may not show monsters hiding underwater. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-186 Monster killed by wand/spell of turning may not stay dead. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-187 Some monsters on the Astral plane can't use equipment they may start with. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-188 Killing a vault guard off his original level gives wrong message. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-189 Corner walls don't display properly next to iron bars. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-190 Eating while riding can cause you to "slap against the floor" without falling off the mount. fixed in 3.4.0
C331-191 Engraving on the floor while in fog gives an odd message. fixed in 3.4.0

PC-only bugs

ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
P331-1 ?e help info shows odd end-of-line symbol fixed in 3.4.0

Build-from-source issues (all platforms)

ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
S331-1 level compiler: ''' doesn't specify a golem fixed in 3.4.0 use three single quotes in a row (no escapes)

Win32-only bugs

ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
N331-1 screen clears are incomplete on consoles wider than 80 characters fixed in 3.4.0 Invoke game by preceeding nethack command with "start" to ensure 80x25 console
N331-2 menus don't take full advantage of screens with more than 25 rows fixed in 3.4.0
N331-3 version crashes after installing SP2 on Win2000 and on WinXP fixed download here.

Macintosh-only bugs

ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
M331-1 Type -108 error under MacOS 9. Fixed Use the Finder's Get Info command to double the application's memory allocation.
M331-2 "Get info" reports 3.3.0 instead of 3.3.1 Fixed Annoying, but not important. To verify version number: Run the game and check the 'v' and '#version' commands.
M331-3 System error 41 (can't load Finder) when program is started on a 68K Mac.
M331-4 When trying to restart a saved game, it starts a new one instead. Set a name in the NetHack Defaults file (or type the same name as the saved character in the "Who are you?" dialog.


ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
X331-1 Resizing the inventory window may not work right.
X331-2 map not displayed in color when using X11 without tiles fixed in 3.4.0
X331-3 Resizing the map window may not work right. fixed in 3.4.0
X331-4 font height not calculated properly when run on some X11 implementations fixed in 3.4.0


ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
G331-1 Gnome interface integration is not stable. Integration with NetHack is ongoing.


ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
A331-1 In fontmode: random crashes when opening menu window. fixed in 3.4.0 Use tile mode, or use recover on a crashed game.
A331-2 closewindow broken on menuwindow fixed in 3.4.0
A331-3 #/altmeta broken on some keymaps fixed in 3.4.0
A331-4 tilemode tombstone broken on cybergfx screen fixed in 3.4.0
A331-5 sometimes graphics appear outside window boundary fixed in 3.4.0
A331-6 Quitting very early can leave junk level files lying around. fixed in 3.4.0
A331-8 Shouldn't try to execute aborted/canceled empty shell command. fixed in 3.4.0


ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
Q331-1 user preferences are not honored in startup dialog fixed in 3.4.0


ID Description Status Workaround (if any)
T331-1 GEM only. Selecting an item with the mouse in some menu windows causes the game to crash on the next input. fixed in 3.4.0 choose with the keyboard; if already chosen with mouse, click on desktop

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