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Core Bugs (common to all systems)
Windows-only bugs
Qt-only bugs
Build-from-source issues (all platforms)
Spoiler bugs
(These are bugs that merely reading about may spoil your enjoyment of the game or give away answers to puzzles that should be solved. They are on a different page to keep you from seeing them by accident in the main lists.)

(This information is also available in JSON here; the schema is described here.)

Bugs lists for previous versions

Core Bugs (common to all systems)

ID Status Description Additional Info
C343-21 Open Pets can be pulled through closed doors with a leash.
C343-38 Open Dismounting or kicking a monster that jumps may result in landing on the wrong side of a wall.
C343-370 Open Travel (_) command can get stuck trying to plot a path past an interesting dungeon feature, for example, a trap or fountain.
C361-5 Help When getting disconnected from a game running via telnet or ssh, the game may go into an infinite loop instead of aborting.
C366-1 Fixed Pronoun usage when hallucinating has several errors.
C366-2 Fixed A fast hero can have random clairvoyance occur too often.
C366-3 Fixed Weights for giant spider and giant beetlw are too low for their size.
C366-4 Fixed Two-weapon feedback can claim weapons are not weapons.
C366-5 Fixed Two-weapon combat is allowed with two-handed weapons.
C366-6 Fixed Drum of earthquake may say some items are destroyed but not actually destroy them.
C366-7 Fixed Crysknife should not be considered bone.
C366-8 Fixed Wormtooth should be considered bone.
C366-9 Fixed Monster weilding Stormbringer or Healer's Staff may have the wrong effect.
C366-10 Fixed Random role selection may not honor unwanted alignments.
C366-11 Fixed Trying to move off the map can use a turn.
C366-12 Fixed Polymorphed hero can wear headwear when in a headless form.
C366-13 Fixed Polymorphed hero can take actions requiring hands when in a handless form.
C366-14 Fixed Spell casting monster gets an extra move after casting.
C366-15 Fixed Digging through iron bars from an adjacent pit makes a pit on top of the bars.
C366-16 Fixed Display does not update immediately after toggling hilite_pet.
C366-17 Fixed Randomly choosing role can crash the game.
C366-18 Fixed Priests can be created inside a wall.
C366-19 Fixed Vault guard should not encase monsters in stone.
C366-20 Fixed Demon lords should hate Demonbane.
C366-21 Fixed Eel can grab a hero that moved out of range after biting him.
C366-22 Fixed Count is ignored when picking up a stack of scrolls of scare monster.
C366-23 Fixed Involuntarily teleporting while punished may cause the game to panic.
C366-24 Fixed Attaching lit candles to a candelabrum may set the remaining burn time wrong.
C366-25 Fixed Object taking erosion damage may give feedback when it should not or may give feedback when it should not.
C366-26 Fixed Undead creatures may "come alive" when revived by undead turning.
C366-27 Fixed Monster wielding an artifact may produce extra messages.
C366-28 Fixed When digging a pit that gets filled from an adjacent position, items and steeds do not take the correct damage.
C366-29 Fixed Items dropped while falling down stairs may be indestructable.
C366-30 Fixed Objects expelled by explosion do not take the correct damage on water on lava.
C366-31 Fixed Accounting for encumberance changes may be delayed.
C366-32 Fixed Book of the Dead may not be fully identified when read.
C366-33 Fixed Psychic blast should not harm a mindless monster.
C366-34 Fixed Singular of "splashes" may be wrong.
C366-35 Fixed Leashing or unleashing pets does not update the persistant inventory window.
C366-36 Fixed Turning into slime shows the hero as slime one turn too soon.
C366-37 Fixed If hero attacks a peaceful monster, inappropriate feedback from other peaceful monsters may be generated.
C366-38 Fixed Monster hiding behind an egg that hatches remains hidden.
C366-39 Fixed Hero with no free hands may be able to break a wand.
C366-40 Fixed Creating an concealed mimic should not mark that mimic as discovered.
C366-41 Fixed Saving or ending a game while punished may cause a crash or other bad behavior.
C366-42 Fixed Fire cannot completely dry a wet towel.
(related spoiler bugs)

Windows-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
W366-1 fixed The cursor does not display promptly when using farlook in NetHackW.exe. As of 24-Jan-2012 this bug is fixed in our download packages.

Qt-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
Q366-1 Fixed Some extended commands do not fit on the screen.
Q366-2 Fixed Selecting an extended command by typing its name does not support the delete key.
Q366-3 Fixed Some menus disable the cancel button when they should not.
Q366-4 Fixed Some close buttons can send the game into an infinite loop.
Q366-5 Fixed Some 3.6 status fields are missing.
Q366-6 Fixed Gold on tombstone only accounts for gold in inventory.
Q366-7 Fixed Tombstone date could be incorrect.
Q366-8 Fixed Menus choices All, None, and Invert do not update the screen.
Q366-9 Fixed Unexplored locations show as stone.
Q366-10 Fixed MSGTYPE=stop is not supported.
Q366-11 Fixed Some status icons get redrawn out of place.
Q366-12 Fixed New game can destroy an existing save file.
Q366-13 Fixed Choosing "Play" without entering a character name can get the game stuck in a loop.
Q366-14 Fixed There is no way to type the #version command.
Q366-15 Fixed Type-ahead under a text window can hang the game.

Build-from-source issues (all platforms)

ID Status Description Additional Info
S366-1 Fixed "make -j" can result in simultaneous makedefs runs destroying non-sharable temporary files.
S366-2 fixed Game will not compile with glibc 2.34 (used in Ubuntu 21.10). Git branch NetHack-3.6 was updated 23-Jan-2022 to resolve this for the current release.

Bug Status Key

OpenThe bug is unresolved, but we know what we need to about it.
Not a bugSometimes people think this is a bug, but they're wrong.
fixedThe bug will be fixed in the next release..
FixedThe bug will be fixed in a future release.
HelpWe don't know what is causing this - if you see it, please send a detailed bug report. Thanks!
SupersededSee another entry for information on this bug.

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