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Core Bugs (common to all systems)
Windows-only bugs
X11-only bugs
Linux-only bugs
Macintosh-only bugs
tty-only bugs
Gnome-only bugs
Spoiler bugs
(These are bugs that merely reading about may spoil your enjoyment of the game or give away answers to puzzles that should be solved. They are on a different page to keep you from seeing them by accident in the main lists.)

Bugs lists for previous versions

Core Bugs (common to all systems)

ID Status Description Additional Info
C340-1 Open touchstone is not listed in the data.base file. Suggestions of a good quote welcome.
C340-2 fixed Pushing a boulder onto a landmine causes "place_object: obj not free"
C340-3 fixed There is no feedback when hitting shock resistant monsters with Mjollnir via hand-to-hand attack
C340-4 fixed Sometimes when standing near your pet, the pet highlight turns off or affects the color of the hero's @.
C340-5 fixed Bad syntax: "The spellbook fadefades."
C340-6 fixed Kicking a throne can get you rocks.
C340-7 fixed Digging While blind and levitating leaves the old wall symbol.
C340-8 Not a bug When looting with menustyle:full, I got options oib instead of abc. This is an interface change.
C340-9 fixed While punished, walk through a door. The chain may go through the wall.
C340-10 fixed You get an odd sequence of messages two weapon mode with greasy hands while wielding two swords.
C340-11 fixed Bumping into closed door while impaired doesn't work right.
C340-12 fixed If you kill a creature which is wielding Sunsword, it doesn't extinguish itself.
C340-13 fixed "bad cursor positioning" debug message appears Avoid this by always using a 24x80 window
C340-14 fixed Discovering a mimic on a closed door unblocks the location.
C340-15 fixed Killing a mimic on a closed door never leaves a corpse.
C340-16 fixed Half phyiscal damage from gas spores does not work right.
C340-17 fixed A mimic the player knows about because of an explosion message is not marked as discovered.
C340-18 fixed Setting off an unknown rolling boulder trap that kills a monster counts against pacifism.
C340-19 fixed It's not clear that "It boils vigorously" indicates damage to the hero.
C340-20 fixed Fountain sounds on special levels may be stuck on or off.
C340-21 fixed With a full pack, remove some (but not all) of a merged item from a container; what's left in the container is no longer merged.
C340-22 fixed Game panics if tombstone window can't be made.
C340-23 fixed Guidebook description of _ (travel) command is incomplete. no autopickup occurs during travel
C340-24 fixed While water walking you can trip on submerged objects.
C340-25 fixed Activting a statue trap with a wand of striking doesn't identify the wand.
C340-26 fixed If drowned by an eel, the location listed on the tombstone may be wrong.
C340-27 fixed A monster killed as it's pushed into a trap that can send it off the level results in a "dmonsfree" program in disorder message. If you're lucky, you don't actually have to quit after seeing this message.
C340-28 fixed Teleport out of shop; wait for shopkeeper to leave; walk back in. With shopkeeper in doorway, pick up an item. Crash.
C340-29 fixed May get "couldn't place lregion type 5" when arriving on the Plane of Fire ignore it, it's mostly harmless
C340-30 fixed If something tries to polymorph or were the hero, and the hero is Unchanging or doing something not interruptable, and the attempt ultimately fails, game can crash.
C340-31 fixed Priests know blessed status of objects, but not when emptying a newly-looted box.
C340-32 fixed Iron bars are ignored by boulders, objects thrown by monsters, and digging, but may not be passable by monsters or polymorphed heros.
C340-33 fixed While swallowed, polymorph the monster to another engulfing monster; the display does not update immediately.
C340-34 fixed Monsters that can grow up may be prevented from doing so.
C340-35 fixed Teleport out of shop with enough credit to cover your bill: Kops summoned but shopkeeper is not upset.
C340-36 fixed Travel command uses one too many turns.
C340-37 fixed G and travel commands can put player in known danger.
C340-38 fixed Game can crash if BOULDER= option set to unique value and you use the '/' look command on it.
C340-39 fixed Adding one candle to six in a candelabrum gives an ungrammatical message.
C340-40 fixed Vault guard tries to converse with unconscious or paralyzed hero.
C340-41 fixed Monsters keep trying to teleport on levels where they can't.
C340-42 fixed Messages come out in a strange order when a monster polymorphs into a monster that can where or wield items.
C340-43 fixed Stairs in minetn-6 may be inaccessible.
C340-44 fixed Corpses in bones files are always human.
C340-45 fixed Discovering a boulder while blind and with ESP may not update the map.
C340-46 fixed Grammar error: "An one-eyed".
C340-47 fixed Splitting a worm while the tail overlaps the head makes the head seem to disappear.
C340-48 fixed If a statue comes to life and the monster is invisible, you may see it anyway.
C340-49 fixed With #chat, meditating monsters can talk without actually waking up.
C340-50 fixed Mounting a trapped steed appears to trap it again.
C340-51 fixed Stoning a golem can give a redundant message.
C340-52 fixed Shopkeeper grabbing hero's backpack causes extract_nobj: object lost panic.
C340-53 fixed #loot'ing the current location may give inconsistent prompts if there are multiple chests
C340-54 fixed #twoweapon when not allowed gives a confusing message
C340-55 fixed If #loot causes a shop's bag of holding to explode you get double billed.
C340-56 fixed Polymorph. Kill paper or straw golem with fire - get an impossible message.
C340-57 fixed Polymorping while mimicing doesn't update the display.
C340-58 fixed Throwing gold at yourself makes the gold disappear.
C340-59 fixed Staff of Aesculapuis may not cure sliming.
C340-60 fixed If you die by falling off a horse, you get a message saying you we're still riding when you died.
C340-61 fixed Singular form of voritces, liches, and fungi are wrong.
C340-62 fixed Riding while punished, then falling off while changing levels gives an error message.
C340-63 fixed Specifying -D or -X to enter explore mode while restoring a saved game doesn't work.
C340-64 fixed If the default monster symbols are replaced using "OPTIONS=monsters", using / on a known invisible monster causes a crash.
C340-65 fixed Warning doesn't turn on when creating Sting from a wielded weapon. Workaround: unwield then rewield it
C340-66 fixed Two-weapon mode ends if you name either wielded weapon.
C340-67 fixed Stoning the quest nemesis produces bad message sequence.
C340-68 fixed If a monster with experience level 0 tries to cast a spell, the game crashes.
C340-69 fixed With GOLDOBJ set, game crashes when player killed by shopkeeper has no gold.
C340-70 fixed Final attributes say riding when player killed on dismount.
C340-71 fixed A chest on a known trapped square can't be untrapped.
C340-72 fixed Display can get out of date if blind and levitating.
C340-73 fixed Frozen and sleeping monsters are grateful when untrapped.
C340-74 fixed Database entry for 'warg' says 'then' instead of 'than'.
C340-75 fixed Message for items lost in a cursed magic bag doesn't always show up.
C340-76 fixed Monsters can throw cursed daggers through doors.
C340-77 fixed Player polymorphed into exploding monster does not explode when attacking air.
C340-78 fixed Player polymorphed to rust monster eating gold loses the gold.
C340-79 fixed Some special levels have the wrong alignment.
C340-80 fixed Stone to flesh can lose the statue's contents.
C340-81 fixed Whan applying a lance you can get an impossible message.
C340-82 fixed Floating over a trap while quaffing a potion may cause crash.
C340-83 fixed Monster may get stuck switching between axe and sword.
C340-84 fixed Town guards enforce rules outside the town.
C340-85 fixed When using /, sometimes get "splash of venom" incorrectly.
C340-86 fixed Killing a monster by kicking it into a trap results in internal error dmonsfree.
C340-87 fixed Wearing or removing Eyes of the Overworld should take effect immediately.
C340-88 fixed Removing levitation boots over a portal delays the teleport.
C340-89 fixed In town, secret doors may show up as fountains.
C340-90 fixed Mind flayers don't grow up.
C340-91 fixed Biting green slime as purple worm turns you to stone.
C340-92 fixed Rolling boulders that hit a monster in a pit keep going.
C340-93 fixed While blind you can still see the color of a gas trap on a chest.
C340-94 fixed Reading spellbooks while confused isn't handled as intended.
C340-95 fixed Breaking wand of digging doesn't annoy shopkeeper/guards properly.
C340-96 fixed Pits interfere with shop wall repair.
C340-97 fixed Removing unowned pick-axe from container in shop gives inappropriate message.
C340-98 fixed Stone to flesh on a statue may cause a crash.
C340-99 fixed Bees occur in trees in wrong numbers.
C340-100 fixed Revived monsters may keep inappropriate attributes.
C340-101 fixed skilled spell of detect treasure doesn't work as intended
C340-102 fixed final attributes after dying from some falls is wrong
C340-103 fixed shopkeepers talk to players even when the shopkeeper is asleep
C340-104 fixed If invisible but can't see invisible, player may not show on map.
C340-105 fixed Monsters may be summoned to inappropriate places.
C340-106 fixed The "sound" option is not listed in the Guidebook.
C340-107 fixed Turning off sound option causes bad message sequences.
C340-108 fixed Stinking clouds in bones files do not work as intended.
C340-109 fixed Randomly generated traps can prevent stair creation.
C340-110 fixed Vampires wearing gloves don't turn to stone.
C340-111 fixed Non-lawful angels act inappropriately.
C340-112 fixed Caneclled yellow lights may still explode.
C340-113 fixed Salamanders can ride.
C340-114 fixed Sparkle option for display effects is ignored for explosions.
C340-115 fixed Level teleport while mounted on a sleeping steed will panic or crash game.
C340-116 fixed Breaking wand of digging in a shop may mess up inventory.
C340-117 fixed Level teleport out of the dungeon with unpaid shop goods causes warnings at end of game.
C340-118 fixed Teleporting while engulfed and punished but without the ball causes a crash.
C340-119 fixed Web breaking doesn't take mounts into account.
C340-120 fixed Wielding and then applying the wielded saddle confuses the game.
C340-121 Open Pets may get stuck trying to get objects they can't reach.
C340-122 fixed Zaps may bounce past the edge of closed doors.
C340-123 fixed Chromatic Dragon refers to human even if player is not human.
C340-124 fixed Some unique monsters can be named.
C340-125 fixed Rumor uses 'tengus' instead of 'tengu'.
C340-126 fixed Typo in wizard quest: "to" instead of "too".
C340-127 fixed Dropping things on altars doesn't always work as it should.
C340-128 fixed Wand or spell of digging applied to undiggable trees gives message about rock.
C340-129 fixed Artifacts in containers are not counted in final point total.
C340-130 fixed Grammar error in cause of death when killed by slipping while mounting named steed.
C340-131 fixed In traditional menu mode, 'm' may not be available when only one object class is present.
C340-132 fixed Throwing wielded or quivered ball while punished may crash game.
C340-133 fixed Wishing for "Scorpius egg" doesn't work right.
C340-134 fixed Wrong capitalization in death messages starting with "Crunched"
C340-135 fixed Monster flees before Magicbane scares it.
C340-136 fixed Sleeping on ice that then melts doesn't work right.
C340-137 fixed Security issue. Source Patch
C340-138 fixed In were form waiting may be interrupted by an attempt to turn into were form (again).
C340-139 fixed After unmounting, steeds walk into traps they learned about while still mounted.
C340-140 fixed Killing shopkeeper by throwing unpaid items results in "item not on bill" error.
C340-141 fixed Amulet of Yendor held by a ghost being destroyed may also be destroyed.
C340-142 fixed Monsters who follow you by teleport continue to do so while trying to run away from you.
(related spoiler bugs)

Windows-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
W340-1 fixed If you use tile_file and the specified file has a different palette, hilite_pet doesn't work properly.
W340-2 fixed Some menus don't accept space-bar to proceed to the next page.
W340-3 fixed In some menus the options columns don't line up perfectly when very long items are present.
W340-4 fixed menu checkboxes have a hard-coded white inner part which may look odd if you have adjusted the Windows colors on your system
W340-5 fixed NetHack doesn't remember window placement after save/restore.
W340-6 fixed If you move the main window while a menu window is up, the menu window starts floating to the left.
W340-7 fixed There are too many popups for some people's tastes.
W340-8 fixed use_inverse is ignored in tty mode
W340-9 fixed If something goes wrong, the game exits but forgets to print the error message.
W340-10 fixed Starting a character with a name with some punctuation marks doesn't work.
W340-11 fixed Specifying a non-existent directory for bones gives an error message referring to some other file.
W340-12 fixed Start nethackw.exe, start game, "fit to screen", make map very small. Crash. So don't do that.
W340-13 Not a bug perm_invent doesn't do anything It's not that it doesn't work, it's that it hasn't been implemented for this interface.
W340-14 fixed (GUI only) The game crashes after displaying too many windows for large blocks of text such as for #? or for major quest messages. Workaround: save and restore after seeing about a dozen text windows.
W340-15 fixed When many player attributes are displayed in the status window extraneous characters may appear; this may be followed by a crash.
W340-16 fixed Mouse movement (not just clicks) triggers game responses (tty only).
W340-17 fixed Group accelerators fail if there are too many inventory entries.
(related spoiler bugs)

X11-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
X340-1 fixed When resizing x11tiles in xpm format, the tiles must remain square.
X340-2 fixed Text dialog width shrinks after each use.

Linux-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
L340-1 fixed Qt binary coredumps at startup. Check download page and be sure you are using NetHack for your version of Qt.

Macintosh-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
M340-1 fixed (OS X Qt only) as a command, "f" acts like "F"
M340-2 fixed MacOSX 10.2 only: contents of popup windows become invisible. Fix: upgrade to OSX 10.2.3.

tty-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
T340-1 fixed Using ESC to hide messages can lose them completely.
T340-2 fixed "Burden" message may not clear/show immediately.
T340-3 fixed Some terminals' inverse video and color attributes interact to lose the color on adjacent characters.
T340-4 fixed selecting only listed object from ? at more prompt broken

Gnome-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
G340-1 fixed setuid workaround fails on ia64 linux.

Bug Status Key

OpenThe bug is unresolved, but we know what we need to about it.
Not a bugSometimes people think this is a bug, but they're wrong.
fixedThe bug will be fixed in the next release..
FixedThe bug will be fixed in a future release.
HelpWe don't know what is causing this - if you see it, please send a detailed bug report. Thanks!
SupersededSee another entry for information on this bug.

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