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Core Bugs (common to all systems)
Windows-only bugs
X11-only bugs
tty-only bugs
Gnome-only bugs
Qt-only bugs
Windows-CE issues
Build-from-source issues (all platforms)
Spoiler bugs
(These are bugs that merely reading about may spoil your enjoyment of the game or give away answers to puzzles that should be solved. They are on a different page to keep you from seeing them by accident in the main lists.)

Bugs lists for previous versions

Core Bugs (common to all systems)

ID Status Description Additional Info
C341-1 Fixed Monsters affected by stinking cloud always get angry at the hero even if the hero did not create the cloud..
C341-4 Fixed opthelp does not list use_inverse
C341-5 Fixed When you see your pet move, the pet may be referred to as "it".
C341-7 Fixed Skilled or expert caster of fireball/cone of cold can't target a monster known only by infravision or ESP.
C341-10 Fixed Fruit names ending in "us" are incorrectly considered plural.
C341-12 fixed If starting from a location with a known trap, the travel command may misbehave.
C341-13 fixed showrace sometimes shows the wrong color
C341-18 Fixed ki-rins and couatls can wear (and may have) armor.
C341-47 fixed Vlad can turn to flee and be paralyzed at the same time.
C341-49 fixed Cutting in half a shopkeeper polymorphed into a long worm causes problems with messages about each half (and may crash the game).
C341-63 fixed Dropping too many monsters through a trap door results in a "Program in Disorder" message when the hero joins them.
C342-1 fixed Monster using Stormbringer loses HP when hitting the player.
C342-2 fixed Polymorphing into a flaming sphere does not cure sliming.
C342-3 fixed Grammar error: "Remember that use" in the monk's quest.
C342-4 fixed Statues of students reanimate incorrectly.
C342-5 fixed Bustling Town down stairs may be cut off from town.
C342-6 fixed If you get a bones files, you can get too many nazgul or erinys.
C342-7 fixed Sometimes you can't kick something out of a pit, but you can escape the pit and pick it up.
C342-8 fixed Some messages that should refer to a swamp say moat instead.
C342-9 fixed Master Kaen's death message is not appropriate.
C342-10 fixed Error message from open_levelfile_exclusively shows incorrect error code.
C342-11 fixed Typo "improvization" for "improvisation" in an Oracle message.
C342-12 Fixed There are a number of places that misuse "your".
C342-13 Fixed Hangup can cause loss of objects being moved internally.
C342-14 Fixed For menustyle=Full (unless GOLDOBJ is defined), you can't put gold into a container on the floor if your inventory is empty.
C342-15 fixed Some "killed by" messages have poor grammar.
C342-16 Fixed If you self-genocide while polymorphed, the death message makes no sense.
C342-17 fixed Casting stone to flesh on yourself while wielding a statue can cause a crash.
C342-18 fixed When stunned by a gaze attack the messages are in the wrong order.
C342-19 Fixed Things that can kill you in the future (like stoning) can cause messages to show up out of order.
C342-20 fixed You turn to stone when trying to saddle a cockatrice even when you shouldn't.
C342-21 fixed Dieing from kicking a closed drawbridge gives you a message about a wall.
C342-22 Fixed Monsters can hide under cockatrice corpses without getting stoned.
C342-23 fixed Save/restore in explore/debug mode fails under some OS's.
C342-25 fixed When polymorphed and over water, you can end up standing on the water when you shouldn't.
C342-26 fixed Some things that should go "Splash" do not.
C342-27 fixed Crystal balls aceept ~ but don't show long worms that way.
C342-28 fixed Travel doesn't consider water or lava when selecting a path.
C342-29 fixed Error message: rndmonst: bad `mndx' [#26] This error is mostly harmless, so you can continue your game as long as you don't mind the messages.
C342-30 fixed Pets can get stuck trying to reach food to which there is no path.
C342-31 Open You can get a message telling you a monster wields a weapon it already was wielding.
C342-33 fixed Reading a cursed scroll of light in a corridor with the lit_corridor option off displays incorrectly.
C342-34 fixed Hero polymorphed into quantum mechanic and swallowed on no-teleport level gets no feedback if swallower is teleported away.
C342-35 fixed Conflict-resistant monsters may not fight back when attacked due to conflict.
C342-36 Fixed If unable to see yourself while invisible and you are bestowed a spellbook, it doesn't show up on the display.
C342-37 fixed exploding black light may give incorrect "freaked" message
C342-38 fixed Monsters respond to attacks by other monsters without waking up.
C342-39 fixed Shopkeepers can respond to various events without waking up.
C342-40 fixed The word "corpses" may be misused when a corpse rots.
C342-41 fixed Trapped monsters may repeatedly switch weapons.
C342-42 fixed Sometimes when levitating a stethoscope can be applied to a corpse on the ground.
C342-43 fixed Some silver objects don't do proper damage to were creatures.
C342-44 fixed An interrupted A command (such as by a nymph or spell-casting monster) can result in a crash.
C342-45 fixed When asleep the hero can still notice monsters that become undetectable.
C342-46 Open Cleric cast lightning doesn't blind as other lightning does.
C342-47 fixed Resuming interrupted 'A' sometimes says "You finished disrobing" twice.
C342-48 fixed You can get a Welcome-to-the-shop message when not entering a shop on on the Bustling Town level.
C342-49 fixed Dismounting can leave the hero on top of a boulder.
C342-50 Fixed If you're hiding on the ceiling and try to #sit, you automatically unhide.
C342-51 Fixed The game thinks trappers hide on the ceiling.
C342-52 fixed Cutting a long worm in half with a drawbridge can cause a panic.
C342-53 fixed If the hero gets a monster from a figurine, and the new monster immediately hides, the messages are confusing.
C342-54 Fixed Statues of unique monsters in bones files are not handled correctly.
C342-55 fixed Dropping some of a set of cursed loadstones can corrupt your inventory or crash the game.
C342-56 fixed There is no message if gold is kicked or thrown at a monster that doesn't want to catch it.
C342-57 fixed Under rare circumstances, the game can crash while attempting to panic.
C342-58 fixed A monster carrying something critical could be sent away, making the game unwinnable.
(related spoiler bugs)

Windows-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
W341-13 Fixed "Lock Windows" menu item has wrong checkmark at startup
W341-14 Fixed Message window does not update properly if resized.
W341-15 fixed Game hangs occasionally, usually when digging with a pick-axe. Workarounds: Set altkeyhandler=nhraykey.dll in the config file. Do not use the arrow keys to dig or move. Do not press the shift or arrow keys unless the game is ready to accept input.
W342-1 fixed On a locking error at startup, the error message is formatted poorly.
W342-2 fixed [GUI only] Alignments specified in defaults.nh do not work properly.
W342-3 fixed [GUI only] Roles specified in defaults.nh do not work properly.
W342-4 fixed Some machines with some versions of Windows seem to run tty NetHack very slowly. A new official binary (available in was released on 09 Oct 2003 to address this bug. The changes required for the official binary are available here.
W342-5 fixed tty: some of the colors are hard to tell apart.
W342-6 Not a bug Checkboxes are drawn wrong. This is a bug in Windows. Try upgrading the common controls as suggested here.
W342-7 fixed ^C at the "Who are you?" prompt hangs the program.

X11-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
X342-1 fixed Using window manager to close player selection window can cause a crash.

tty-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
T342-1 fixed If the inventory is displayed when you hit ^C and then ask to see the inventory, the game crashes.
T342-2 fixed Responding 'y' to "keep the save file" puts 2 'y' characters on the screen.
T342-3 fixed Bold attribute isn't used in menu heading when requested.

Gnome-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
G342-1 fixed g_main_iterate can give an error and go into an infinite loop if ^C is pressed Possible workaround: set the ignintr option.

Qt-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
Q341-1 Fixed Randomly generating characters doesn't always follow user requests.
Q341-2 fixed Saving and restoring sets player name to user name. Workaround: set name:player in your nethackrc.
Q341-3 Open [Mac only] q and / keys send additional characters when pressed. Workaround: use the menus.

Windows-CE issues

ID Status Description Additional Info
CE342-1 fixed Lock files that are orphaned should just be deleted.

Build-from-source issues (all platforms)

ID Status Description Additional Info
S342-1 fixed The Qt port for 3.4.2 won't build as released under Mac OS X. The changes required for the official binary are available here.
S342-2 fixed errno may declared when it shouldn't be.
S342-3 fixed Keyboard input under Gnome on unsigned char platform is broken.

Bug Status Key

OpenThe bug is unresolved, but we know what we need to about it.
Not a bugSometimes people think this is a bug, but they're wrong.
fixedThe bug will be fixed in the next release..
FixedThe bug will be fixed in a future release.
HelpWe don't know what is causing this - if you see it, please send a detailed bug report. Thanks!
SupersededSee another entry for information on this bug.

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