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Core Bugs (common to all systems)
Windows-only bugs
tty-only bugs
Build-from-source issues (all platforms)
Spoiler bugs
(These are bugs that merely reading about may spoil your enjoyment of the game or give away answers to puzzles that should be solved. They are on a different page to keep you from seeing them by accident in the main lists.)

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Bugs lists for previous versions

Core Bugs (common to all systems)

ID Status Description Additional Info
C343-20 fixed When dying immediately on entering a level, the map may show you dying on the previous level. This doesn't matter - mostly.
C343-21 Open Pets can be pulled through closed doors with a leash.
C343-23 fixed Dungeon collapses after vault guard fails to lead you out.
C343-38 Open Dismounting and kicking a monster that jumps may result in landing on the wrong side of a wall.
C343-331 fixed Sleeping monster reacts to a mirror.
C343-370 Open Travel (_) command can get stuck trying to plot a path past an interesting dungeon feature, for example, a trap or fountain.
C361-4 fixed If the config file does not end with a newline, NetHack complains that the previous line is too long.
C361-5 Open When getting disconnected from a running game on a serial terminal, the game may go into an infinite loop instead of aborting.
C361-6 fixed status_hilite does not accept negative numbers.
C361-7 fixed Poorly worded message "a Vlad the Impaler".
C361-8 fixed Spaces in hilite_status option text field do not work.
C361-9 fixed The number_pad state can get confused.
C361-10 fixed Scroll of charging does not update perm_invent window.
C361-11 fixed Full-pack idendity skips items
C361-12 fixed Pickup that doesn't pick anything up may change the display.
C361-13 fixed Performing sortloot on a pile then setting sortloot:none does not restore the original order.
C361-14 fixed Dipping an amulet into a potion may cause a crash.
C361-15 fixed Wishing does not handle small/medium/large properly.
C361-16 fixed Wishing does not handle balck pudding properly.
C361-17 fixed When healing monsters, blindness is handled inconsistently.
C361-18 fixed Sortloot can crash when filtering a subset of items.
C361-19 fixed Eating rings while polymorphed does not work correctly.
C361-20 fixed Farlook describes a remembered (but now gone) corpse as a random corpse.
C361-21 fixed "congratulations" is misspelled in the priest quest.
C361-22 fixed Hero can hear seduction messages while deaf.
C361-23 fixed Seduction doesn't get interrupted when hero is moved away.
C361-24 fixed #turn sometimes takes no time.
C361-25 fixed Hero not fitting through a Hole or trap door behaves inconsistently.
C361-26 fixed Random graves with gold do not bury the gold.
C361-27 fixed Shopkeepers do not charge for all damage they should.
C361-28 fixed Broken shop doors do not always get repaired.
C361-29 fixed Death while helpless is broken for record and logfile.
C361-30 fixed It is not clear when a leprechaun dodges the hero's attack.
C361-31 fixed Non-unix platforms may display a partial status line after a level change.
C361-32 fixed On some platforms, "OPTIONS=symset:default" is not handled correctly from the configuration file.
C361-33 fixed Jumping may result in triggering a single trap twice.
C361-34 fixed perm_invent should not persist across save/restore in case there is not enough space to restore the window.
C361-35 fixed Wand of polymorph creating a long worm may cause multiple prompts.
C361-36 fixed Wishing for "orange" should always produce the fruit.
C361-37 fixed Gremlins don't react properly to Sunsword's light.
C361-38 fixed Invisible hero following an item falling down stairs may see the stairs instead of the object.
C361-39 fixed Drum of earthquake works inconsistently.
C361-40 fixed Known trap may be forgotten when hero is polymorphed into a flyer.
C361-41 fixed Leashed yellow lights are not handled properly if they explode.
C361-42 Open When a monster opens a door and walks onto it, the door is updated but the monster may not be shown.
C361-43 fixed Iron bars destruction is handled inconsistently.
C361-44 fixed Samurai seeing items at a distance may have them be described by their ordinary names rather than by their Japanese names.
C361-45 fixed Missing space in "would flyif you".
C361-46 fixed Wand of polymorph may work incorrectly when blind.
C361-47 fixed Levitation and flying interact poorly with being trapped.
C361-48 fixed Elbereth penalty needs tuning.
C361-49 fixed Guidebook shows wrong default value for option dark_room.
C361-50 fixed Guidebook has errors in the persistence of objects section.
C361-51 fixed At game start, having a shield prevents an alternate weapon from being set.
C361-52 fixed "Final resting place" information is not saved properly in bones files.
C361-53 fixed Stinking cloud may not show up at a drawbridge.
C361-54 fixed When praying fixes weakness from hunger and that results in a change in encumbrance, the message about that shows up late.
C361-55 fixed Displayed hit points is not always zero upon death.
C361-56 fixed Lifesaving may restore the wrong hit point value it polymorphed.
C361-57 fixed Scroll of genocide does not recognize "watchmen."
C361-58 fixed With menustyle:Full, picking 'A - autoselect all' when putting items into a container takes everything out of the container.
C361-59 fixed Poor wording: "The boulder triggers."
C361-60 fixed ^X reports no armor if wearing only a shield.
C361-61 fixed Riding a long worm's tail may trigger an impossible message.
C361-62 fixed Message given when an object falls down the stairs may have "the" incorrectly at the beginning.
C361-63 fixed Tame vampires are not aggressive enough.
C361-64 fixed Paying for shop or wall damage with store credit may cause an impossible message.
C361-65 fixed A full level can cause creation of corpses of monsters that should not leave corpses.
C361-66 fixed End of game disclosure of Schroedinger's cat works for inventory disclosure or dumplog, but not both.
C361-67 fixed Untrapping from the edge of an escaped pit may fail when it should not.
C361-68 fixed Pets that can't follow the hero immediately never try again.
C361-69 fixed A deafening roar does not wake up monsters.
C361-70 fixed Scattering objects may leave the wrong thing displayed at the starting point.
C361-71 fixed Encumbrance and bag of holding interact poorly.
C361-72 fixed Gas clouds do not understand water.
C361-73 fixed Applying a cursed item may not report becoming welded to the hero's hand.
C361-74 fixed Riding a steed into a pit does not give a message.
C361-75 fixed Changing levels after being interrupted working on a lock can cause a crash.
C361-76 fixed A failed game restore can lead to internal corruption during the new game that is started instead.
C361-77 fixed When hero is hit and drops an inventory item that affects other items, the resulting cascade may not be handled correctly.
C361-78 fixed HILITE_STATUS for gold is ignored immediately after start or restore.
C361-79 fixed When blocking/unblocking of levitation or flying is updated due to walking onto different terrain, the relevant status display is not updated until another status update occurs.
C361-80 fixed Blocking of levitation due to terrain may get confused when crossing a terrain boundary.
C361-81 fixed Clairvoyance revealing underwater or under-lava objects leaves object displayed instead of restoring the water or lava.
C361-82 fixed Vault guards can cause a "placing monster over another?" warning.
C361-83 fixed Distribution of generated monsters is off in some circumstances.
C361-84 fixed Dropping shop items inside an engulfer behaves incorrectly.
C361-85 fixed Recoil movement inside a shop can confuse game state.
C361-86 fixed Monsters should not avoid vibrating square.
C361-87 fixed Peaceful vault guard may appear angry when hero kicks gold.
C361-88 fixed Phrasing of / command information for Eyes of the Overworld could be improved.
C361-89 fixed Identifying gem types should cause a more appopriate price to be set.
C361-90 fixed Effects from melting ice may not occur immediately.
C361-91 fixed Riding skill counter is off slightly.
C361-92 fixed Message order for vampire form change may be wrong.
C361-93 fixed Encumance when moving from water to land is not calculated appropriately.
C361-94 fixed Failing to carry a newly wished-for item behaves differenctly from dropping an item.
C361-95 fixed Different ways of seeing the price of items in a shop may give different values when a container is involved.
C361-96 fixed Setting bouldersym to an illegal value, even if the value is rejected, may result in illegal values in the map which when examined with '//' or ';' will cause an impossible message.
C361-97 fixed The behaviour of teleport-away varies depending on how it is invoked.
C361-98 fixed Characteristics can fall to 3 and get stuck there.
C361-99 fixed There is an unexpected dark square in the entry to Fort Ludios.
C361-100 fixed Blocked levitation or flight may not get unblocked correctly.
C361-101 fixed Polymorph may result in use alternate weapon when that should not be possible.
C361-102 fixed Items on a shop floor may have the wrong price.
C361-103 fixed Non-weapon attacks while polymorphed do not always have expected special effects.
C361-104 fixed Hero polymorphed into a rope golem can strangle monsters that can't be strangled.
C361-105 fixed Some short walls in Mine's End are diggable.
C361-106 fixed Vault guard can get stuck repeatedly saying "Move Along"
C361-107 fixed Incorrect message "you are encased in the rock" may appear if hero dies.
C361-108 fixed ^P may show odd characters when used with DECgraphics.
C361-109 fixed DUMPLOG is missing output from / and ; commands.
C361-110 fixed Shopkeepers may issue messages after the window is closed.
C361-111 fixed The game may issue messages after the window is closed.
C361-112 fixed Monster wearing armor giving resistances loses them during shape change.
C361-113 fixed Under certain conditions, ^A repeating an f command that used up the ammunition may quiver from the inventory slot matching the direction given to f.
C361-114 fixed Boulderless rolling boulder trap shouldn't have a corpse.
C361-115 fixed Persistent inventory window can show "(being worn)" for armor that is not yet on or off, which is misleading.
C361-116 fixed Toggling perm_invent does not immediately update the display.
C361-117 fixed Fish should lay eggs in water, not on land.
C361-118 fixed Feedback from undead turning may be counterintuitive.
C361-119 fixed Riding a steed that eats a mimic corpse can create silly situations.
C361-120 fixed Adding items to a container while inside a shop may show "for sale" incorrectly.
C361-121 fixed Kicking a stack of items uses an incorrect weight.
C361-122 fixed Cleaver vs long worm may trigger an impossible message.
C361-123 fixed Probing while in a shop shows useless or mis-leading pricing information.
C361-124 fixed Mimics do not mimic shop objects as well as they could.
C361-125 fixed Hallucination and vampire transformation interact poorly.
C361-126 fixed Venom landing in water does not disperse.
C361-127 fixed If a monster cannot be moved from a teleport reason, the game gives an impossible message.
C361-128 fixed Cloned or trapped monsters may corrupt internal state.
(related spoiler bugs)

Windows-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
W361-1 fixed (Console port only) There are performance issues when updating the screen, especially the status line. Using large fonts makes the situation worse. Using options statushighlites or time makes the situation worse.
W361-2 fixed NetHack rejects some font specifications it should accept.
W361-3 fixed (NetHackW only) The '-' (hyphen) key does not work properly in some menu handling.
W361-4 fixed Keyhelp file is missed during packaging.
W361-5 fixed Topten display shown after ascension is formatted poorly.

tty-only bugs

ID Status Description Additional Info
T361-1 fixed When clipping is enabled, panning the display to pick a location with the cursor may show incorrect data.

Build-from-source issues (all platforms)

ID Status Description Additional Info
S361-1 Open Using a BSD-derived make fails on some platforms with "Using 501 in a non-suffix rule context is a GNUmake idiom" Workaround: change 501 to in the CC_V0 and CSS_V0 macros in Makefile.src and Makefile.utl.
S361-2 fixed setup.sh with no arguments fails.
S361-3 fixed Special level loader doesn't support all special room types.
S361-4 fixed A special level with FLAGS:inaccessibles can panic. (No such levels currently exist.)
S361-5 fixed Wallification near the bottom and right of the map are not handled properly. (No such levels currently exist.)
S361-6 fixed Qt4 compilation fails.
S361-7 fixed VMS data file processing is missing several files.
S361-8 fixed If sizeof(long) > sizeof(int), lev_comp writes some garbage which may or may not cause problems when read by the game.
S361-9 fixed Specifying "random" for a drawbridge in a level file is not handled properly; this affects one special level.

Bug Status Key

OpenThe bug is unresolved, but we know what we need to about it.
Not a bugSometimes people think this is a bug, but they're wrong.
fixedThe bug will be fixed in the next release..
FixedThe bug will be fixed in a future release.
HelpWe don't know what is causing this - if you see it, please send a detailed bug report. Thanks!
SupersededSee another entry for information on this bug.

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